Chinese herbal medicine combines thousands of years of experience with today's research and expertise. Though it began as folk medicine, today's practice of Chinese medicine is the result of a sophisticated blend of knowledge between nature and science. With our current understandings of individual herbs and how they act on the chemistry of the body, a formula can be custom made to fit your needs. Herbs are chosen from hundreds of possibilities to be combined into a formula to address your particular needs. Used alone or in conjunction with other traditional techniques (such as acupuncture, massage, and exercise), herbal medicine can be extremely effective at helping you to optimize your health.

The goal of Chinese herbal medicine is to construct an herbal formula that most accurately matches the patient in question and most effectively moves them to a place of greater balance and harmony.

Formulas are individually tailored to reflect the unique idiosyncracies of each patient and the circumstances under which they became ill. For example, imagine two patients with low back pain. One person developed their pain from lifting boxes, the other had a more gradual onset of symptoms. For one, the pain is sharp, worse with pressure, better when lying down , whereas the other patient has a gradually worsening low back pain that is dull and better with the application of heat and pressure. While Western Medicine would probably prescribe the same medicine for these two patients, perhaps a muscle relaxant and a pain killer, each of these patients would receive a dramatically different herbal formula based on differing TCM diagnoses. The typical Chinese formulas contain between 6 and 18 herbs and are used to treat a wide range of illnesses including but not limited to: high blood pressure, depression, bronchitis, infertility, painful menstruation, digestive disorders, fatigue and stress.

Herbal remedies have become popular recently. At Twin City Acupuncture Center, accuracy and purity are the standards of our success. Herbal formulas have been proven to be very effective when prescribed by a trained practitioner of Chinese medicine such as the herbalists at Twin City Acupuncture Center. We also have taken measures to ensure your safety by using a reputable herbal distributor.

Herbal medicine is derived from all the areas that nature has to offer, including the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. For the convenience of our patients, herbs are typically administered in powder form to accommodate your busy schedules.

Food is the fuel that powers our bodies. Vitamins and minerals are extracted from foods and chemically act on the body to promote optimal functioning. Herbs work in much the same way. Herbs are derived from nature and accepted by the body like a food. Herbal ingredients are broken down into their components and used by the body to address your general or specific health concerns.

We are all individuals. At Twin City Acupuncture Center, we believe in customizing herbal formulas to match your health, lifestyle and individualized needs. To determine your specific herbal prescription, our practitioners of Chinese Medicine assess a variety of information from sources including:
Current signs, symptoms, and complaints
Past medical history and family history
Conventional medical diagnosis and diagnostic information
Observation (tongue, face)
Palpation (pulse).